Monday, June 12, 2006

The Bean

Here's another view of the Millenium Park band shell. This is actually the lawn where you can sit and listen to the concerts (or sit in the chairs if you pay extra). You can notice the speakers hanging from the steel tube frame overhead. In the background you can also see another controversial sculpture that citydwellers have named, "the Bean." It's actually a sculpture called "Cloud Gate" by Indian artist Anish Kapoor. The sculpture was another costly overrun, originally estimated at $9 million it ended up costing $23 million. When "the Bean" was first unveiled, the city tried to charge any "professional" photographer (read anyone with a big camera) a fee ($350) for photographing it, claiming they were required to because the artist held the copywrite. They have since reversed that order. I'll give you more of "the bean" in the future.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pedestrian walkway

Here's another one of the park. Couldn't resist the lines and shapes, as well as the contrast of steel against the greenery.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lake Shore Drive

One of my favorite views of Chicago, although the quality of this shot isn't that great (I was driving and holding my camera out of my sunroof). This is Lake Shore Drive and the Gold Coast coming from the north. I'll work on getting a better one in the future.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Millenium Park Bandstand

Judging from the response, a lot of people liked the fountain in the new park in my last posting. Here's another view of the park showing the bandstand and its unique sound system. A grid of metal arches that contain speakers overhangs the lawn in front of the band shell, making for an incredible sound experience sitting under the stars and the city lights. In the background are a couple of skyscrapers that surround the park on two sides.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Millenium Park in the Summer

My apologies for the delay in posting these last few days. Migration from one computer to another is never as easy as planned. Still not completely up to speed, but eventually it will happen. As the weather turns better in Chicago, the city's parks spring to life. The newest -- Millenium Park -- opened in 2004. It was supposed to open at the turn of the century, but building it took 4 years longer than expected and the cost rose from an estimated $150 million to $475 million. Still, most city dwellers like the 24.5 acre park located between the heart of downtown and the lakefront. Here is a photo of one of two 50 foot towers that project faces from people of Chicago. Every 4 minutes the faces pucker and out shoots a stream of water to the delight of younger visitors who can freely splash in the fountain.