Sunday, May 21, 2006

Soldier Field

Soldier Field, originally built to honor the 120,144 U.S. soldiers killed in World War I, is the butt of many jokes and a fair bit of outrage after being recently rebuilt with the idea of saving an historic landmark. Sports Illustrated has called it the "eyesore on the lake shore," and the Chicago Tribune said it looks "like the Starship Enterprise crash-landed atop the Parthenon." Nonetheless, it's here to stay.


Blogger Denton said...

I like how you put Soldier Field in the background and the pier in the foreground. It's a nice touch.

Welcome to the Daily Photo family and greetings from South Carolina.

5/21/2006 12:03 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Greetings from south Texas!

With the pier in the foreground, Soldier Field looks beautiful. What do you think of it?

5/21/2006 8:54 PM  
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Blogger Curly said...

I know a little about the Bears here in England, and I much preferred Soldier Field as it was. Is it now covered? No more playing in the snow? No more "bad weather Bears?"

Curly's Photoshop

9/27/2006 3:37 AM  
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